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Available at the PSGH secretariat
  • British National Formulary 
    Book by Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and British Medical Association
  • The British National Formulary is a pharmaceutical reference book that contains a wide spectrum of information and advice on prescribing and pharmacology, along with specific facts and details about medicines.
  • PSGH CLOTH and other materials
  • Available at the PSGH Secretariat

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    5 Ways to Grow Professionally as a Pharmacist

    Posted on 31/07/2016

    It’s essential to focus on your everyday tasks, but it’s also important to take time out of your busy schedule to develop and grow your professional knowledge and skills. As an independent community pharmacist, working to continue your professional development has many benefits, both personally and for your pharmacy business.

    Read more

    The Skills You Need to be a Great Pharmacy Manager

    Posted on 24/07/2016 by Elements Magazine

    Read more

    5 new best medication safety practices all pharmacists should know

    Posted on 18/06/2016 by Pharmacy Times

    Health-system pharmacists should get familiarized with the following 5 best practices in order to promote
    patient safety in their hospitals: Read more

    Emerging viral diseases: An opportunity for pharmacists

    Posted on 16/06/2016 by Dominic Korsah Otchere


    The re-emergence of old viral diseases, such as yellow fever, previously thought to have been under control, and the emergence of new ones, such   as ebola, is the current global epidemiological trend.

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    Strong Leadership: A Key Priority of Health Sector Reform in Ghana

    Posted on 25/05/2016 by Dominic Korsah Otchere

    Leadership, especially in the health sector, is no child’s play. The myriad changes and challenges currently facing the health sector require exceptional leadership to confront these threats.

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    Where are the Godfathers of Pharmacy?

    Posted on 15/05/2016 by Dominic Korsah Otchere

    The younger ones must be open to new ideas, try new ways of doing things, and most importantly have an open mind.

    Read more

    The community pharmacy and antibiotic resistance

    Posted on 26/04/2016 by Stephen Colly


    Antibiotics are a class of drugs that fall under POM, but this is not the reality in most pharmacies in the country.   

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    Practical strategies for cholera control - The case of Mampong Municipal Ashanti 

    Posted on 20/03/2016 by Jacob Amoah


    As of 14th November 2014, cumulatively,26,858 cases including 214 deaths (Case fatality rate of 0.8%) have been reported from 123 districts in all the 10 regions in the country as indicated below

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    Ways to reduce the burden of disease — every community pharmacist has a part!

    Posted on 06/02/2016by Franklin Acheampong, PhD, MBA, MSc, B.Pharm, MPSGH   


    What’s in store at this year’s World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences? The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) gave a community pharmacist a preview of the programme. Here’s what he thought.

    When a baby is born in your country, how many years in full health can he or she be expected to live? Or, to look at it in another way, how much time can he or she expect to spend in poor health? This is the basis of HALE (health adjusted life expectancy) a measure to express disease burden.

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