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Available at the PSGH secretariat
  • British National Formulary 
    Book by Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and British Medical Association
  • The British National Formulary is a pharmaceutical reference book that contains a wide spectrum of information and advice on prescribing and pharmacology, along with specific facts and details about medicines.
  • PSGH CLOTH and other materials
  • Available at the PSGH Secretariat

  • List of Pharmacists in Good Standing as at July 15, 2016
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    Why should a pharmacist be in good standing with the PSGH?

    Under the Professional Bodies Registration Decree, 1973 (NRCD 143), professional bodies must register with the Registrar General Department of Ghana. This law protects the public from hazardous services provided by pharmacists not in good standing with the professional umbrella of pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH). Under this law it is an offense and liable on summary conviction to imprisonment, a fine or both if a person or a professional in bad standing with a professional body holds himself out as a registered member. By extension, since the PSGH is the only body of pharmacists registered under the said law, a person commits an offense if “not having the qualification for admission to or enrollment in or for being accepted as a member of, such a body [PSGH] [but] knowingly represents that he has such qualification.”

    Additionally, being in good standing with the PSGH is a prerequisite for obtaining or renewing a pharmacist's license with the Pharmacy Council of Ghana, the regulatory body charged with pharmacy practice standards enforcement.

    Pharmacists in good standing with the PSGH have full access to all the services of the association. This includes but not limited to cutting-edge continuous professional development materials as well as all welfare packages.



    How do I identify a pharmacist who is in good standing?

    We use this section to aid the public and our members to check from firsthand, pharmacists currently in good standing with the PSGH. This enables us to identify quacks posing as pharmacists. It is an offense under Ghana's laws, specifically, Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, Part 4, Section 110 for any person to pose or profess as a pharmacist without being registered under the law governing pharmacy practice. To check if a pharmacist is in good standing, kindly click on the link below:

    Pharmacists in Good Standing as at July 15, 2016
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    Every PHARMACIST visiting this new PSGH WEBSITE is encouraged to UPDATE his/her PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL PROFILES for the society, by logging in to the MEMBERS ONLY SECTION, with their default usernames and passwords (under SIGN IN at the top right rail) using psghxxxx as username and xxxxpsgh as password (where xxxx is the professional membership number).

    After signing in, please FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS to update your profile:
    Look for and Click on Manage Profile under My Profile (at the Top Right Rail).
    Click on Edit Bio under Information & Settings.
    Under Account Information, First Change your password, and then provide your current Email addressand confirm it. (note that your username cannot be changed).
    Under Personal Information, provide all the necessary information including: Gender, Title and Full Name, Addresses, Contact numbers etc.
    Under Professional Information, provide all the necessary information, Organisation, Type of Employment, Job Title, Addresses and Contact details etc.
    Kindly indicate the Area/s of Practice, Regional Branch/Chapter, Practice Group Association, Interest Group Association, 
    Also provide the Pharmacy School/University Attended with years, Other Institutions attended with years as well as Qualifications/Degrees obtained with years.
    Additional Information can be provided at your discretion.
    After completing the entries click SAVE CHANGES 

    Members of the PSGH are encouraged to join the appropriate groups for greater participation and communication with such groups.
    Click on Group from the Top Menu.
    Select and click the Interest group, Practice group and Regional Branch which you belonged to or intend to join.
    Then Click on Request Membership.
    You request will be fulfilled by the group Administrator, after which you become a member of the group.
    Note that request cannot be made to groups like Committees and Directorates. (That will be assigned by the Administrator).


    Feel free to browse through the site and member only areas to acquaint yourself.
    Training will be offered at the respective group meetings when the secretariat is appropriately notified.

    This website and member community can be used for several purposes, besides having your profile, Including:
    Calendar, News, Quizzes, Surveys, CPD, Conference Registration, Advertising, Announcements, Networking, Social Interaction, Forums, Career center, Publications, Ecommerce, Online Store, Dues payment etc.

    More features will be introduced gradually. We only need your profile and groups now to begin with.

    Thank you.

     PSGH is on a journey… get on board. Amicus Humani Generis.